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Andrew – RGT Update Blog

Joined the RGT platform recently following a couple of years on Z$%t… I Love what the team at RGT have created, and wish I had discovered it sooner!

Paul Newton – Google Play Store

Excellent app. Realistic training and racing experience. Great product and user support

C. Espresso – App Store

Look and feel better than Z$%^T. Drafting and turning very realistic

Tom Birch – Google Play Store

Great ride feel, drafting and dynamic racing with cornering adding realism. Growing all the time. Z%&T feels wooden by comparison (is still good though, but I take a reasonably RGT event over any Z%&T one almost every time).

Anonymous – Google Play Store

My fellow cyclist out there. Don’t hesitate to download this application, I’m sure it will meet your expectation for indoor training. Good job RGT Cycling..!! 💪🏼 It works great on mac OS and Android. 

Anonymous – App Store

Real peloton dynamics and the ability to upload any road make this the only virtual cycling platform suitable for real world race training.

Anonymous – Google Play Store

Been a user since beta. The latest versions are fantastic. The drafting on flat courses gives group riding a similar experience to keeping on the wheels on the track. I’ve used many training platforms but this is the only one I am prepared to pay for.

Neil Walker – Google Play Store

Simply the best and most realistic virtual cycling out there. The fact that you can ride and even RACE for free is amazing. Racing is very immersive and physics work very well. Keep it up folks.

Anonymous – App Store

Highly recommend. Long time Z^&*T user but RGT is so much better and growing. A breadth of fresh air.

Dan Batute – Google Play Store

Fantastic and realistic simulator. No gimmicks, gamification of the likes of ‘power ups’, just a straightforward cycling experience with realistic cornering speeds and drafting effect.

Anonymous – App Store

The best graphics, the best simulation, corners and drafting. The best social rides and good races… And….and a real good FB community