What is Tofauti Everyone Active

Tofauti Everyone Active is a Junior Women’s and Junior Men’s race team, competing across Europe and the UK. With a new approach to junior cycling, the team empowers riders to develop not only racing successes but their own personal growth. From partners to coaches, management and parents the goal of the team is clear – to create an environment for robust development that empowers the riders and embraces the enjoyment and fun of competitive racing.

RGT and Tofauti Everyone Active

The team works with partners with a fresh approach to what they do, going beyond the established way of doing things in the cycling world. With a race calendar of top-level races across Europe, the team needed a virtual training partner which could give a truly realistic experience to equip them for their racing challenges. Cris-crossing Belgium, Holland, France and Luxembourg, it wouldn’t be possible to recce every courses in real life, so RGT’s Magic Roads feature enables the team to ride every climb and turn of a race, without straying from their own turbo.