What is WKG

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Fun, pain, torture, vomit! That’s how we roll.
Started in 2016, Team WKG is a family of cyclists built on a foundation of exceptional team spirit and friendship. We race hard but always with a smile on our faces… well, nearly always!
We don’t take ourselves too seriously but have the ability to compete at every level and welcome new riders of all abilities. 
We host very popular indoor rides, races and events as well as some spectacular ‘in real life’ meet-ups.
WKG is also the home of the Watts Up! vlogs – covering most of our races and rides and giving every member a chance to be the star of the show.


WKG is all about bringing people together in a fun, safe environment – RGT’s community focus makes it a perfect fit. 
The ease at which we can arrange events with the full support and guidance from RGT is second to none. Somebody is always on hand to offer instant help and advice, leaving WKG to enjoy the ride.
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