WHat is Struggle

Struggle Events is Yorkshire’s leading cycling events company. It’s flagship Gran Fondos take riders through Yorkshire’s beautiful yet brutal landscape, including the regions best cycling routes featuring the most iconic climbs.

Riders travel from across the UK and Europe to test themselves against the epic parlours. A Struggle Gran Fondo isn’t to be taken lightly, but with prior training, grit and guts it’s achievable for almost any ambitious road cyclist.


Struggle Dales is 108 miles long, taking in 10,000ft of climbing including bucket-list climbs like Greenhow Hill, Park Rash and Malham Cove.

Struggle Moors in the big brother to Struggle Dales. It takes in 112 miles and 12,000ft of climbing including hair-raising ascents like Rosedale Chimney and Glaisdale Horror.

Although these epic feats may sound frightful, with preparation, pacing and plenty of fuel it’s achievable for any aspiring rider. Find out more and sign up at www.ridethestruggle.com