What is SEG eRacing Academy

UCI Continental team SEG eRacing Academy strives to move the cycling sport forward by educating young riders in a clean and passionate environment with the goal of becoming the future stars of cycling. In over 5 years the Academy has seen big names graduate, such as Nick Schultz, Fabio Jakobsen, Cees Bol, Edoardo Affini and many more. We don’t shy away from hard work nor from innovation. In fact, our riders, staff, and partners take on challenges. We love these challenges and we embrace the new technology. In short, we are committed to shaping the future of cycling.

SEG eRacing Academy and RGT

SEG eRacing Academy and RGT have partnered up to develop both the Academy as well as RGT even further. Starting by creating the first-ever eRacing U23 competition. This SEG eRacing U23 Series will bring together the world’s best development teams and will create a unique, trustworthy and reliable competition that will set the standard. The combination of SEG eRacing Academy, their SEG eSports department and the realistic RGT Cycling platform results in a unique competition that will lead to a fair playing field for the future stars of cycling.