About RIAK Fitness

RIAK Fitness is London’s only multi-sport training studio. Our goal is to provide key services to endurance athletes including, ‘bring your own bike’ turbo training sessions; triathlon/endurance sport coaching; and endurance athlete specific personal training.

The online RGT sessions we offer under the RIAK ONLINE brand each have a clear focus targeting a particular energy system (i.e. Vo2max, Threshold etc.), and our timetable is curated in such a way, that by hitting each of the different session types over the course of the week (whilst paying due attention to recovery) you have a well-balanced training week on a plate!


Our RIAK ONLINE sessions use the RGT group workout function alongside a live interactive video coaching feed. The result is a fantastic combination of group riding and structured training with a coach there to guide you through the session, provide training advice and answer any training questions you might have. Such an environment is a cracking way of staying motivated, training smarter and accruing high-quality training volume that will see you improve.