What is Project Echelon

Project Echelon

Project Echelon is a veterans non-profit organization that educates, equips and empowers US Military veterans through physical activity and self discovery. The Project Echelon Racing Team is a US based professional cycling team that serves as the marketing and outreach branch of the organization, serving over 300 veterans, volunteering over 2500 hours and donating $35,000 to the mission annually through its mission.

Project Echelon and RGT

Echelon Racing Promotions, a subsidiary of Project Echelon, is working in close collaboration with RGT, in-real-life race promoters, national governing bodies, international teams, and professional riders to create a more visible and sustainable sport of cycling through esports. The organization is the promoter of the Echelon Racing League, which is the first of its kind on any virtual platform that brings major in-real-life teams and promoters together with esports specific teams in a high powered premier league format. The organization will also be offering amatuer events that parallel the professional races to further enhance the reach of the league.