What is Greavel epic

Gravel Epic

Gravel Epic is a new race series for gravel grinders. Four Events, four countries and four vastly different experiences. From the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, to the lava fields of Mt Etna, to the green forests of Slovenia and the gravel roads of Girona, we have four amazing experiences waiting for those who love to get off the tarmac and explore new roads.

Our destinations offer something for everyone, not just for the racer but the whole family. From sightseeing in historical Marrakesh, to hiking up Mt Etna, canyoning in Bled or visiting a museum in Girona there is something to do for everyone.

rgt and gravel epic

We are very happy to partner with RGT. Most participants in a Gravel Epic event have to train many months to complete the challenging Epic courses we designed, and for many that means indoor training is a necessity. RGT takes the boredom out of indoor training and allows for structured workouts, so you can get the most out of your time on the trainer.