It’s what we believe in

There are endless health benefits associated with riding a bike, but beyond this; Cycling is an opportunity to connect with others who share our passion, cycling is a lifestyle that takes us on adventures, and cycling is a challenge that can sometimes push us to our limits. 

The power of bikes goes even further, providing critical and sometimes life-saving modes of transports for people around the world.

Cycling might just be the most beautiful thing.

The reason for this is simple, cycling knows no limits, you can ride where you want, when you want, with who you want.

We believe for cycling to be as incredible in the Virtual World as it is in the Real World, the same freedoms should exist.

But it isn’t enough just to say this – It’s our mission to live by it and we have committed to a Free Subscription that gives everyone the chance to ride real roads, events and workouts without time or distance limits.

Welcome to RGT Cycling – #RIDEFREE

Chris Kotting

Chris Kotting


I’m Chris, evangelist for cycling. Cycling for me is freedom, fun, testing my limits, and meeting people.

When I push hard, it is to beat my only rival: Who I was yesterday.

RGT gives structure to my training, excitement and realism to racing and I can easily fit it in around my home and work commitments.

I know to make all this possible, I need to change the game.


Jonathan Craine

Jonathan Craine

I’m Jonathan, eRacer Virtual racing is awesome.

All out, full gas action from the moment the flag drops. I was drawn in by how good the physics are.

But the community of strong racers, organizing weekly events, keeps me engaged and riding hard.

If I don’t want to be dropped, I need to change the game


Louise Gibson

Louise Gibson


I’m Louise, I ride with Internationelles.

We ride the Tour De France one day before the pro’s to show that women are as strong as men.

RGT let’s me explore the routes with my team and be fully prepared.

I know how epic our adventure will be, where to save my energy for each stage and I know if I want to finish, I need to change the game.


Pippa Kent

Pippa Kent


I’m Pippa, I have cystic fibrosis.

I recently discovered cycling and love the freedom and the sense of adventure that it gives me.

I use RGT to raise awareness and funds.

I marked the third anniversary of my double lung transplant with a 100km Magic Road ride from Cambridge to London.

I know that for things to get better, I need to change the game.

Richard Akers

Richard Akers

I’m Richard, cycling studio owner

We keep our members motivated and help them to get stronger RGT has revolutionised the experience for our members.

We create workouts, group rides and races, when we want how we want.

From their own homes or our studio, members can experience our approach to coaching to help them achieve their goals.

I know to stay ahead of the competition, I need to change the game.

Wayne Hatfield

Wayne Hatfield

I’m Wayne, I ride to stay in shape.

Cycling keeps me motivated to be healthy and inspires me to experience new things RGT has made a real difference to my life.

I recently had a serious accident but with RGT I was able to get back to normal and back to my training.

I know to get back to full fitness, I need to change the game.

Will Usher

Will Usher

I’m Will, I’m a professional coach.

I work with athletes to help them achieve their goals and realize their full potential.

RGT empowers me to organize group training rides and workouts, enabling me to work more closely with my athletes and produce stronger performances.

I know if I want to stay at the forefront of coaching, I need to change the game.