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What happens if I am paying for RGT now?

If you’re already supporting the platform you won’t need to do anything.
You will be charged the new lower rate when your new billing cycle starts.

Thank you for showing your support.

What happens if I am getting premium features now but did not subscribe using the App Store?

You don’t need to do anything. Your account will automatically be changed to the free plan.

What is free in RGT Cycling?
– Real Roads
– Community workouts
– Community events
– Real Physics

If you can support the platform we ask that you subscribe using the Premium link in the Mobile Cycling App.
Because RGT is the only free indoor cycling app you will always be able to ride with us without the need to pay.

What should I do if I cannot remember how I am subscribed?

Check the App Store (if you use the Apple Mobile app) or the Play Store (if you use the Android Mobile App).
RGT will be listed as a subscription.

Why is RGT Free?

RGT is a free virtual cycling app and free indoor training app.

Access is free because we believe in cycling and it’s power to change the world. We want everyone to experience this freedom and participate in virtual cycling.
We want to change the world.

How do you make money?

We’re cyclists and gamers. We’re driven by a passion for sport, technology, and innovation to make indoor cycling better.

We’re an alternative movement built on new power structures and community, our primary objective is not a high valuation, IPO, the next round of investment or our CEO’s desire to own a Yacht and a house on every continent.

We want to build a sustainable indoor cycling app that rewards our investors: You, the cycling community.

What do I get for Free?

What is free in RGT Cycling?
– Real Roads
– Community workouts
– Community events
– Real Physics

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How much is the new Premium?

RGT Cycling is free. Community members choose to subscribe to support the platform to access some additional features.

The price you pay to support the platform is currency dependant:

What does premium have that free does not?

Premium allows you to access the full spectrum of features we offer, such as:

  • access to all real roads
  • riding magic roads as a solo rider
  • access to all available workouts
  • create group rides
  • create races
  •  create looped magic roads

For a more detailed list of features, visit our pricing page.

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How do I optimize a gpx

Sometimes you can just grab a gpx, send it in and ride it… and that can work… but to make them work better or for more serious events you may need to do a little bit of work to remove gpx issues, these range from sharp corners overlapping themselves, removing doubled up gpx points which can create the odd zig zag movement, sharp gradient changes both up and down roads and corners that are just not smooth enough.

All these issues are due to the quality of the GPX you send in, and there is a big difference in the quality of the source material of gpx’s.

The courses that are the most problematic are ones in heavily urban areas, these can have lots of sharp turns and roundabouts, in most cases i almost completely remove smaller roundabouts and almost straight line them with a small kink just as a reminder it was there, also high mountain climbs which usually have a lot of tight hairpins.


So here is a basic breakdown of what can be done to make them better:

Making GPX courses for RGT

Or follow the video below.

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