Everesting on the Everest

Become a True Pioneer

We’re super hyped about this and a little bit scared at the same time. For the first time ever (to our knowledge at least) you can climb the height of Mount Everest (8,848m) on Mount Everest, on a bike. The challenge has been devised in partnership with WKG, Hells500 and Everesting.cc.

The concept is fiendishly simple – between May the 1st and May the 15th, join the Everesting on Everest Challenge Road on RGT and complete nine laps of the course (or more if you’re down with unnecessary punishment).

More about Everesting

The road - basecamp to summit

Using the RGT Cycling Magic Roads feature Paul Nicholls from the virtual cycling community group WKG has created a route that makes its way from the Everest base camp all the way to Everest summit.

We’re pretty sure this has never been done before.

The route is a 25.4km it climbs 984m of elevation per lap, with an average gradient of +8%.

This means to be entered into the only REAL Everesting Hall of Fame, you must complete 9 laps (around 228km) of the fabled loop.

True to the Real-World, the route leaves basecamp at an altitude of 5,300m and passes by the camps and landmarks like the Khumhu Icefall and Hillary Step that are well known to Everest explorers.

To bring these landmarks to life the road has segments incorporated in to them:

  • Base Camp to Death Zone – 1.8km long, right at the base of the climb
  • Camp2S to Green Boots – 0.963km segment at 6.98km from start
  • Camp 4 South Col to Pooley’s Step – 1.36km segment at 12.2km from start


The challenges - Be a pioneer

Let Rhonan Lead the way

Single Everest

This is not too hard to understand. It’s 8,848m of climbing. It’s what Everesting is all about.

Go to everesting.cc for more information

Double Everest

As with the Single Everest – Only double the trouble. You must climb 17,696m in one ride.

Go to everesting.cc for more information

Triple Everest

Are you serious, you want to do this three times? That’s 26,544m of climbing in one ride!

Go to everesting.cc for more information


AKA “The Deca”, it’s like Everesting, only harder by 1,152m.

Go to everesting.cc for more information

V Everesting

All of the Everesting challenegs can be undertaken in the Real-World or in the Virtual-World but RGT Cycling is the only place you can Everest, on Everest.

Go to everesting.cc for more information

Half Everesting

Only(?) half the altitude of a full Everest (4,424m) it’s no less of a challenge if your not ready to take on a full ascent.

Go to everesting.cc for more information

Earn the right and claim your badge

The Badge

It’s a virtual challenge but this makes it no less impressive. To recognise this heroic effort you can claim a very limited edition, official Everesting badge.

This is your only chance to earn you Everesting Pioneer status and is only for those crazy enough to complete a full, double, deca, or triple Everesting Challenge.

To submit your claim

  1. Make sure your ride is uploaded to Strava 
    1. Please note there may be a discrepancy with your Strava and RGT altitude data, your ride will be validated by the altitude in your RGT ride.
  2. Follow the instructions and submit your ride details to everesting.cc here