How it works

As you pedal on your hometrainer, information from it or your powermeter is picked up by the RGT Mobile App (for bluetooth) or the RGT Screen App (for ant+) and your in app character begins to move.
The app shows the power you are pedaling with and depending on your set-up, your heart rate and your cadence.
Your speed while riding is based on your power and weight and is also influenced by slope and drafting.

  •  RGT supports all BLE FTMS and ANT FE-C compatible trainers, cadence (in combination with a power source), heart rate and generic power meters.
  • Speed and cadence sensors are not supported. Older turbo trainers work in combination with a power meter.

Supported Hardware

Smart Turbo Trainers




Kurt Kinetic


Classic Turbo Trainers

Classic Turbo Trainers only in combination with power meters.


Indoor Bikes




Classic Rollers only in combination with power meters.

Smart Rollers if they output power.


Power Meters

All makers and models.