Save your Events!

It’s simple; COVID-19 does not mean the end of your cycling events.

On RGT you can organize your own group rides without it costing you, or your community anything. It”s easy to do, takes less than a minute and your event can be shared easily on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp ETC.

Watch the video to find out how!

On RGT you can organize your own events, on one of our eight real roads, or ride any road you want using our Magic Road feature.

Magic Roads is a feature that creates a road simulation from a gpx file. This means you can even host your events on the roads you originally planned to hold them on.

Creating a Group Ride or Race

In order to create an event you will first need to download and install the mobile app and register an account.Just follow the steps on our Get Started page.

You would normally have to activate your premium account but don’t worry – this  feature is free right now.

Simply send an email to from the email address associated with your RGT cycling account.

Once you have done this, open the RGT mobile app and go to the Race tab.

In the Race menu, tap Organize a race.
Choose a road and Give your event a new Name. Races with exciting and descriptive names attract more participants.

Next add your event time and date and your event description,
again, make this interesting. Think about what would make you join in.
Finally, for this tab, select if you would like to make your event private or promoted.
If you set your ride to “promoted”, you will have to get 20 riders signed up before the event will appear in the public RGT Calendar.
If you set it to private it doesn’t mean that no one can join you, it just means it will never show in the RGT Public Calendar.
We cannot change this after you have set it so choose carefully.

In the “BOTS” tab you can choose to add bots.
You can have between 1 and 99 bots and you can set their lower power and upper power to get the right mix for you and your event.
You can also choose to set the bodyweight of the bots. If you choose “DISTRIBUTED”, the weight of the bots will be the same as the weight of the organizer.
Once you are happy with the event set-up, Tap the create button.
Your event is now ready to share.


To share your event, find it in your list and click share. This will automatically copy the event link to your clipboard so that you can paste on social media, and in emails etc.
Anyone opening these links will be instructed to download the RGT app if they do not already have it installed. If they do have it installed, the event will open in the mobile app automatically and they can register from there.
Your event subscribers will get an automatic email from RGT thanking them for subscribing and reminding them closer to the event start time. We will also send them a notification 30 minutes before the event starts.

Group rides and races are created and shared in exactly the same way.