It’s sometimes the case that when athletes join RGT Cycling from other platforms they have some difficulties getting connected for the first time. This is (and we say this with conviction) by design – and here is why: 

We are obsessed with building a realistic, legitimate and fair eSports platform. In order to do this, athletes need to have a suitable internet connection and Screen App device.

More Detail

Other platforms calculate the position of the avatar on the athlete’s computer giving each athlete their own individual race. The experience for each rider is different and no two people see the same thing.

RGT calculates position on the server and then sends this to everyone else. Everyone sees the same thing. This places a higher demand in connection stability.

When racing on RGT, if you think you’re riding on a teammate’s wheel, you are; they can see it and other riders can see it.

With other platforms, when you think you are following a teammates wheel, you might not be.

As an example, next time you’re racing on other platforms, disconnect from the internet, literally pull the plug from the wall, and see how long you continue racing with other riders. Then ask yourself: 

what you’re actually racing against if your machine does not know how much power your competitors are pushing out.

The racing experience is improved exponentially by this realism and our commitment to it.

We have various supporting documentation to support this and various ways our support team can help so please feel free to reach out and find out what you can do to get the most out of RGT.

You can find more support for any connectivity questions here.

System Requirements can be found here.

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