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Speed Sensors and Virtual Power

A Quick Overview of RGT V-Power

  • The V-Power feature allows users without a source of power such as a Power Meter or a Smart Trainer to connect to RGT and take a ride
  • RGT Cycling takes the speed of your rear wheel and the resistance details of your trainer or rollers to estimate your power
  • The power data provides a consistent data point that can be used to create appropriate training zones
  • The power data provided is not considered accurate enough to participate in races. It is also open to abuse

What Do I Need?

  • You will need an ANT+ enabled Speed Sensor
  • You will need an ANT+ Dongle connected to your Screen device
  • Because this is currently ANT+ only (at the moment) this is only supported for PC and Mac

How Do I Connect?

  1. Ensure your ANT+ Dongle is plugged into your PC or MAC
  2. Open the RGT Cycling App
  3. Toggle ANT+ to the on position
  4. Connect both your speed and cadence sensor to the app
  5. Done – You can now start a ride

Anything Else Important

As this is ANT+ only This feature is currently only supported for PC and Mac. Depending on the response from our users we will consider expanding this to Bluetooth support.

To ensure fairness in competition you cannot participate in races with Speed Sensors. Although they provide a great and consistent data point for training. They may over estimate the wattage you are producing.             

6 thoughts on “VIRTUAL POWER

  1. Markus says:

    Hello RGT team,
    I’m new and would like to expand my winter training with your ingenious app. My problem at the moment is that I am using my iPad Air
    Cannot couple a speed and cadence sensor, as only Bluetooth
    with iPad !!!
    I use a manual roller trainer without a connection, so I need the speed sensor. Heart rate works perfectly with the app.
    Are there special sensors for the app or another solution ???

    Best regards Markus

    • Tim Sinclair says:

      There are no special sensors for RGT – all off the shelf Bluetooth sensors should work with your iPAd 🙂 You could do a search for Ant+ Bridge devices, they convert Ant+ to Bluetooth (4iiii do one).
      Im afraid that there is no cheep alternative that I can offer you 🙁 . I would carefully weigh up the cost options between replacement sensors, buying a PC or Laptop or upgrading to a smart trainer. Sadly this will b. e the case whichever virtual ride platform you use with the iPad. Please note that Ant+ is only supported on PC/Laptop. If you need advice on the practicality of an Ant+ bridge, it is worth joining the RGT FB user group https://www.facebook.com/groups/roadgrandtoursusers . Best wishes and thank you for choosing RGT! 🙂

      • George Stebbins says:

        I can absolutely connect my Bluetooth speed sensor on the Zwift iPhone/iPad app. Pretty disappointing that I can’t do the same on RGT! Can’t recommend for this reason.

  2. Felix says:

    if you buy sensors that implement both Blutooth and Ant+ you can connect to RGT just choosing the preferred way in the PC/Mac application. You need an Ant+ dongle or a USB receiver – this last one is usually included in any laptop.

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