SEG eRacing U23 series

The SEG eRacing Academy, together with RGT Cycling and JOIN, has started the first-ever international U23 cycling competition and it took place in the RGT Cycling platform.

We are so happy to have hosted the races and congratulations to all those who joined!

meet the top 3

Marco Frigo (SEG eRacing Academy):

Firstly the main feeling I felt during virtual races is the fatigue! But, to be honest, with RGT, the effort is matched with lot of fun. Indeed I can say that this platform represents the right combination between performance and technique. This is really important especially in racing environments like the SEG eRacing U23 Series. Not only high power output but also smart thinking are requested.Finally the reality level I found climbing, descending is something new and enjoyable.

Thymen Arensman (SEG eRacing Academy):

RGT Racing felt like a really realistic platform. It simulates the drafting effect really well. It almost feels like real life racing, racing in a peloton is significantly easier than braking away on your own. When it comes to climbing there is still a very realistic feeling to it, the graphics of the road rising, increasing resistance and a lot less draft makes it almost the same as riding outdoors.

Mason Hollyman (Zappi-Holdsworth Racing):

“Racing on the RGT platform was great fun! I hadn’t done much virtual racing before but I really liked how realistic the courses were. It was great to see where the legs were at and it felt good to be competing again. Big thanks to RGT and SEG eRacing Academy for organising this. I would definitely recommend it!

in case you missed the stages

Jump on your trainer and ride along.

Stage 1 – link here

Stage 2 – link here

Stage 3 – link here

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