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We’ve updated our physics!

One of our core brand values is “Realism” and this update is a continuation of our commitment to keep virtual cycling real.

Game Changing Cloud Physics

Let’s start with a very simple introduction into how RGT Real Physics work. RGT RCP (Real Cloud Physics) use cloud-based computers to analyse and understand your position and the position of the athletes around you. It then sends collective instructions to you and all the on-screen avatars to establish their position, actions, and movement on the screen.

This process takes place five time per second.

What is so important about Real Cloud Physics?

Firstly and most importantly, from an eSports perspective; everyone sees the same thing, there is no question of your position in relation to other riders on the road. This is a crucial factor for executing both individual and team tactics.

Well that seems obvious, surely all platforms do this…?

No, not all platforms have been created equally. Some have chosen to calculate the physics and rider position on the athlete’s computer. This results in users seeing and experiencing completely different race conditions.

This is why executing race tactics such as lead out trains, breakaways, and team time trials can become so difficult and confusing.

We still have a lot to learn and we’re listening and responding to experts, engineers, and our community of athletes but we’re so proud of what it actually means to race on RGT.

Is it really that important?

Imagine approaching the finish line of your target event after preparing for it for months. As you cross the line in first you celebrate but moments later your demoted to second when the “official results” are displayed. 

To our knowledge this has never happened on RGT.

You don’t miss the goal in FIFA and still score, you don’t shoot enemies in Medal of Honour and they still survive, you don’t crash in Forza and stay at the same speed.

It is not just important to get this right. It’s essential for the future of eSports. 

This is a big deal 

So what have we done?

This most recent update is a change to the existing physics model. It has adjusted many of the values and parameters that establish how your avatar behaves, reacts to other riders and the road and course conditions.

To be more specific:

• We have reduced the overall drafting available when on downhill sections. This has resulted in calmer and more manageable descending, particularly in high-level events

• We have changed the way drafting is applied on the flat when larger groups form. This means it should be easier to get a breakaway up the road and get back on if you lose the wheel. You still need to be attentive, there is no sticky draft on RGT

• We have increased corner speed creating a more realistic ride experience.
Pro and high-level events like Echelon and the Women’s V Tour push the physics hard so we have certainly responded to this feedback, but it’s been thoroughly considered for some time and we’re really pleased with the output.

This changes were tested extensively by the team and used in the recent Project Echelon event with overwhelmingly positive feedback

A few quotes below

Talked with my team, who collectively have done this particular race IRL over 30 times. The feedback has been amazingly positive. The guys said the realism was beyond their expectations with the updates.

Most realistic race / crit I’ve done virtually in four years across all platforms.

The physics have been under review for a long time and we have been developing an entirely new system to deliver a better ride experience for everyone.

The development of this bigger more detailed update is still ongoing ad still expected for release in before June 2021.

17 thoughts on “RGT RCP

  1. Wild_Goose says:

    Outstanding! Though I love the cotton-candy updates (avatar extras, etc.), RGT’s commitment to stellar, realistic, and reliable stats, is truly needed in the indoor world. Having ditched Zwift, I switch between RGT and Rouvy (for the video), but with all of Rouvy’s freezes of late, RGT is quickly becoming my preferred app. Kudos to the whole Dev team there! Thanks for all the hard work!

  2. Velocipede says:

    Unfortunately, my screen app will no longer update on my Macbook. The Apple app store tells me “The item you’ve requested is not available in the U.S. app store.”

  3. Casper says:

    Anything new on ascending? I cannot follow anyone when it gets steep, and it does not make any sense to me, when I do perfectly well on the flat parts (without drafting).

    • Tim Sinclair says:

      Have you entered your weight and FTP correctly in the App. I’m sorry to say the obvious but hills are a LOT harder that riding on the flat. Ignore other riders and look to see how many watts you are developing in relation to your FTP. You should be able to comfortably manage to ride at 60% – 80% of your FTP on sustained climbs if your cadence is at a comfortable value. If you find you are grinding up the hills (very slow cadence) try reducing the intensity slider in the Slope Tab. That will give you extra Virtual gears and allow you to increase your cadence to a more comfortable rate 🙂

  4. Andrew Fraser says:

    Great platform, tried BKOOL on a free trial and aprt from the Velodrome is so far behind RGT in every aspect. Any chance of a Velodrome on RGT anytime soon as well as some more routes?

  5. Martin Remick says:

    Can you explain how the physics were changed for descents? I noticed 02/05 when descending Cap de Formentor that the brakes went on before the corner and then were released through the corner. Also, where my speeds in straight line segments seemed slower than before – more like real life. Good job

  6. Hal says:

    Really have been enjoying the subtle updates and hard work from RGT. I was an early adopter and have enjoyed every moment of it as it so much better than what else is on the market. Keep up the great work.

  7. Anthony says:

    Love the platform, been using it from very early days, definitely improved greatly. have tried some of the others, if I want to play a game I’d go for a pretend world, I like to ride on actual real roads. Great to ride in other countries, how about adding some routes from Australia, allow riders from other countries to see what Oz has to offer, maybe one of the peaks challenge would be good.

  8. Mark Nicholls says:

    As a track cyclist I would also love some velodrome training and racing. Loving RGT though I’m still a novice with indoor cycling

    • Tim Sinclair says:

      Glad your liking RGT! There are some Magic Road velodrome circuits in rgtdb.com – Hearn hill is one and there are race events organized for that course 🙂

  9. Marcus says:

    When uploading a “Magic Road” especially at round tracks it whould be nice to get information about whether riding clockwise or counter clockwise. And more entrance signs whould be also extremly nice. I Just saw 2. 🙁
    But apart from that great job so far

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