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Screen App


I am really pleased to provide details of the most recent update to the RGT Cycling Screen App


Improved Magic Road terrain generation

After extensive work from Matt and the Art Team to incorporate new visual terrain features for Magic Roads we’re really happy to launch this exciting feature. As you likely know Magic Roads allows RGT athletes on the paid service to upload a GPX of any road and ride it in a virtual world. This has been particularly useful for riders preparing for events. The new release adds a much improved virtual experience. RGT Cycling is the only indoor cycling app that makes this possible. In the future, we intend to expand the graphic packs to include other environments.


Improved post-processing effects (richer color grading)

We have received a lot of feedback on the general appearance of the virtual worlds and have listened to your requests. This improvement adds a much-needed dose of color to your indoor cycling experience.


Added name tags on nearby rider

A big request from event organizers, streams, and athletes alike. We have added the option to toggle rider names in the RGT Cycling App on and off.


Added various UI improvements (distance, slope indicator)

General updates make the experience more enjoyable and the cycling simulation more realistic.


Fixed an issue with sprint animation synchronization

Sometimes the rider’s legs would not be in sync with the pedals. This has been resolved.


Fixed an issue causing female avatar eyes to go all white

Affectionately known by some of you as ‘zombie eyes’ the issue with female eyes turning all white has been fixed


Goats on Cap Formentor

Possibly the biggest update to the RGT Cycling App since we launched! We now have goats on Cap Formentor


Mobile App


At the same time as releasing a big update for the Screen App, we also did a large release for the RGT Cycling Mobile App. There is some good news here!


Added option to complete training on any road Real Road

Paid athletes have been asking for the option to choose their workout roads for a long time, as you would hope, we have listened and made this happen. Matt did this over his morning coffee, and for this… We salute him!


Some workouts now available for free

We were concerned about removing the workout functionality entirely for free users as we returned to a paid service from our COVID-19 #rideitout initiative. During this initiative, we also had time to reflect on our commitment to provide the most accessible platform in indoor cycling and this is a response to that. Users that do not have a paid service with RGT can still do a selection of workouts.


Enabled new workout intensity adjustment when in ride mode

This has been asked for since we launched the ERG based training features. Athletes having a hard day or returning after illness etc. asked us to provide the option to adjust the workout intensity when on a ride.


Added option to add laps to looped Magic Road events

Ride for as far as you want on Magic Roads! One of the limitations of Magic Roads was the 100km limit. This still exists but we have added the option to loop Magic Roads meaning that if you create a 99km loop, you can ride this as many times as you want in one effort. Making the possibilities endless. You also organize your group rides and races on looped roads easier.


Change the availability of Real Roads for some users

It’s easy to look at this change and think we’re part of the money grab that virtual cycling has become (if you’re reading this thinking I am calling you out, you would be right). Way back when I first started with RGT Cycling our friend Ray Maker (DC Rainmaker) made comments about closing roads to concentrate the athletes to provide a sense of community on the roads. We wrestled with this but we’re not too proud to say we got this wrong. This has been done to bring riders together.


Added option to toggle rider name tags

A big request from event organizers, streams, and athletes alike. We have added the option to toggle rider names in the RGT Cycling App on and off.


Fixed an issue with Wahoo Kickr slope value

The Kickr would increase the resistance at a slightly greater value than desired. This has been resolved. Please note that a watt was still a watt and times would not have been impacted by this.


Added automatic FTP update suggestion

Now when you complete a new highest rolling 20-minute average (when compared to your stored result) we will suggest changing your threshold to make workouts etc. more accurate.


Added post-ride STRAVA and TP upload toggle switch

Users testing roads and rides have been annoyed by the number of rides they were pushing to STRAVA and TrainingPeaks


Fixed issue with high cadence value when putting the app back in focus

As it suggests some user experienced issues with cadence when moving the app to the background has been fixed.


Removed option to skip a workout interval

When we did a code review we noticed a small, but undesirable issue in the code for this feature. Sorry, but it needed to come out. We will get this back in ASAP.


Reduced Premium Subscription price

A big one. The paid plan has now gone down in price. See here for more details.


Enjoy the ride!

4 thoughts on “RGT App Updates

  1. Steve says:

    As an 86 year old enthusiast, I must say that I couldn’t be more pleased with this app! I use an Elite Direto XR
    and don’t really care about how it establishes resistance etc. I’m strictly a “ride only” type, so such things simply don’t matter, as long as I get a decent ride that I can manage. While still in the free mode, I’ll probably graduate to the paid mode at some point, if only to get the capability of uploading STRAVA files in he future.
    Congratulations on an outstanding app!

  2. Stanford Douglas says:

    Missing from this post is how you update. When I try it complains that an application of the same name exists. Or if I try the MS store route is complains that RGT is already installed. Does this mean you must first uninstall RGT. How about the mobile app?

    • Tim Sinclair says:

      Are you sure they haven’t updated already in the background?
      As of 25th March 2021 The latest App versions are:
      Windows Screen App – 2021.03.10
      Android Control App – 2021.03.25
      iOS Control App 2021.03.19
      iOS Screen App 2021.03.19

  3. Tim Sinclair says:

    Hi Stanford – Are you in the Facebook Groups? There is lots of information there – especially in the Announcements Section.
    Which update are you struggling with and on which device? What versions are your devices showing – they may have updated without you knowing 🙂
    These are the latest versions:
    As of 25th March 2021 The latest App versions are:
    Windows Screen App – 2021.03.10
    Android Control App – 2021.03.25
    iOS Control App 2021.03.19
    iOS Screen App 2021.03.19

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