Quarantine Training

Quarantine Training

Quarantine Training

We have entered the twilight zone.  This could well be a time you will be telling your grandchildren about one day, one of the biggest events in our lifetime.

To be honest it hasn’t affected me much at all.  I don’t watch sports on TV much, I am self-employed and live out in the country so we haven’t had any issues doing most of the things we normally do.

However, I realize there are people in bigger cities or crisis areas where it’s a major scare and life-changing event.  Keeping in mind there isn’t much you can do other than avoiding contact with the virus which means avoiding busy places and keeping space between yourself and others.  

How should this time affect your training?

How should this time affect your training?  That’s a good question. It doesn’t have to affect it much, especially if you are like me and are doing most of your riding indoors using RGT cycling ;).  A few things to think about are common sense but implementing these thoughts could reduce the intensity of the sickness if you get infected and possibly keep you from getting sick at all and hopefully not spread the virus on to others.

Quarantine Training


1. Avoid really hard Vo2 max or Threshold sessions

Avoiding really hard Vo2 max or Threshold sessions, especially if you are feeling a little run down.  You might normally punch out these sessions even when you are a little tired but for the time being it’s best to do some sub-threshold training instead.  These really hard sessions tax more than just your muscles and heart. The body systems have limited resources so recovering muscle tissue means less energy for keeping the immune system strong.  It’s easier to get sick when the body is worn out and the intensity of your sickness can also be higher.

2. Avoid riding outdoors

Avoid riding outdoors in the cold and wet.  Keeping the body warm in cold conditions is also an extra tax on the body that can impact the immune system.  

3. Reduce the amount of alcohol

If you are a habitual drinker I would suggest backing off a little as well.  Processing alcohol is another extra duty for the body and reducing that can keep you a little fresher and robust.

4. Find replacement workouts at home

Finally, if you need to go to the pool or gym to train, perhaps try to find ways to get something similar done at home.  If you still need to go at least once or twice per week, be extra careful with what you touch and take some hand disinfectant with you.



A group of us will be ramping up our effort to have more training and direction on the RGT platform.  Please join us for some training sessions and you are welcome to follow the training plans we will have in place. They will specifically be suited to the current paradigm so you can be sure you are training smart.

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