Quarantine Training 2

Quarantine Training 2

Quarantine training

Part 2

With the current situation regarding Covid-19, better known as Coronavirus, it is smart that we look at how you should adjust your training and stay prepared and healthy. Here are a few of our top tips:

Stay healthy

This is a funny tip, but cycling and endurance sports in general can damage our immune system. Often we hear from somebody that they trained too much and got sick shortly afterward. Now, especially, is the time to train right and smart. It is better that you train a bit less and maybe only do high-intensity intervals one time per week. Also keep in mind that after training our body is more susceptible to catching something because of the effort. This window is normally about 2 hours after training.

 Train outside alone

This varies from country to country. Some countries like Spain banned cycling completely others are encouraging it, but if you train alone the chance of getting sick in much lower than if you train with others. Maybe you can use the solitary time while training to come up with a good idea for your quarantine ritual, work, or just enjoy being in nature. Also no more coffee stops, or you can drink it if you bring it from home and sit in your favorite place on the route.

Try online racing

Train online


A lot of the cycling community is already online and are enjoying the perks of online cycling. The community is getting bigger each day. Now is time to try and see why is getting so big and fellow cyclist like it so much. Online apps such as RGT Cycling offer immersive worlds; coronavirus free…

Work on your deficiencies

Bad sprint or maybe getting dropped sooner that you would like on the climb? Maybe you have a weak upper body and this is causing you pain and problems during your ride. Now is the perfect time to work on this. You can come out swinging at the end of this.

Speak with your coach and make a plan. 

Not the time to try crazy things

Now is not the time to end up hurt or in hospital. Pick a route that doesn’t have a lot of traffic and tricky parts. Also stay alert during your ride, especially in downhill.


train online

Listen to your coach

Your coach is your guide and will help you during this time. You can try new things now and they will really like your feedback on your training plan so it can be adapted and improved. Coaches will always try to make the plan that suits your needs and desires.

Eat right and healthy

One of the best things now is to eat right and healthy. 

Try a recipe that you always wanted. Maybe it’s better to avoid losing weight or doing changes in this area and try to focus more on proper intake of nutrients and liquid. If you need extra help with this you can always contact a nutritionist that will help you. Also don’t forget to stay hydrated during the day and especially during your efforts. If you train inside you will lose more liquids as maybe outside so make sure you take care of yourself and reach out if you need help or guidance. 

Listen to authorities

Yes, listen to the authorities. This is important so we can overcome this hard period together. And remember to wash your hands.

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