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A bit of Context

The last 3 months have been a bit of a rollercoaster for RGT Cycling with literally thousands of community groups, event organizers, and coaches joining the platform.

The entire team at RGT has been humbled by this. We’ve been blown away by the support and we would obviously like to thank you all for being part of the ride!

The influx of these new teams and clubs has also resulted in a large number of requests for various types of support from the team, with the most common requests being in-app jerseys, custom event thumbnails, and custom banners. We’re talking hundreds and hundreds of requests.

Are these things Expensive or difficult for RGT to add?

Thanks to the hard work of the technical team, it’s very(!) easy and reasonable inexpensive to add these items. Jerseys can be added in 48hrs and events can be setup with customized banners and fences in just a few hours. Event thumbnails take us just an hour.

But although the set-up and implementation is the easy, the volume of requests has been overwhelming for our small team to process and we need to review each one to ensure we continue to provide quality content to the RGT community.


With specific regards to jerseys, we already have around 100 in the App.

RGT has been optimized for low memory devices like Apple TV and iPads. These are not gaming devices and have forced us to apply theoretical limits on the total number of kits we are prepared to make available for use on RGT at once. 

We cannot continually add kits. There is a hard stop we cannot go over. Too many kits means too many crashes.

We’re working to make this better and hope to have more opportunity in the next six months.

So… How do you make your decisions about who gets a jersey?

We have to make decisions based on the overall value we think this will bring to RGT.

If you want you jersey in the app, build a community of committed RGT’ers and prove to our community you’re adding value by bringing content and new users that will improve RGT for everyone.

What about the pros? they all have kits

This is something we have been challenged on in the past. It is true that there is a lot of pro equipment in the app at the moment. This is to support the high level events that take place on RGT and to add to the realism of these amazing events. 

Some community groups got their kits before me!

Yes, that might be right, if a community group has 5,000 members and is committed to building something with RGT we will make this happen, BUT if they don’t keep to their promise to make RGT more accessible and more interesting. We will remove their equipment. 


We love hearing from all of the teams and clubs that want to work with us and we promise we’re making things more manageable for the future so the technical limit is managed.

But if you want the prestige associated with an RGT jersey, make start changing the game for the RGT community and your own.

Also – Stick with us if you’re waiting for a reply. We’re will do our best to get back to you.


  1. Marcus Meyer says:

    First, I really love RGT and I’m everytime enthusiastic about the realizm you’ve brought to indoor training! But with the recent update – why are you now showing the tiny jerseys next to the riders names on the screen app? This has led to significant reduction in font size of the riders list, making it hardly legible even on a larger screen. I can’t see any value in this change to the GUI. For all other updates – just great! Thanx and keep going strong and beyond! MM

    • Tim Sinclair says:

      This is partly to allow users to view a larger list of who is in front and who is behind them 🙂 it was a feature that a lot of people asked for 🙂 I’m sorry that it is causing problems for you.

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