Bluetooth and ANT+ Connection issues




Having Bluetooth and ANT+ Connection Problems? We have got you covered. 

RGT Cycling requires 2 apps, a Mobile Companion App (ios or android) and a Screen App (appleTV, mac, ipad or PC). The way your training hardware connects to the platform depends on the connection type it uses:

  • Bluetooth connects equipment to the platform via the Mobile Companion App
  • ANT+ connects equipment to the platform via the Screen App and a USB ANT+ Dongle
ANT+ and Bluetooth Connection Problems

This means your trainer, heart rate strap and power meter could be connected via either ANT+ or Bluetooth through either your Screen App or your Mobile App. Because of this both apps need to connect to the internet on a reliable connection.

This normally works seamlessly but on occasion dropouts (Uh Oh!) can occur which can cause problems during your ride. When this happens it can be a frustrating experience especially if you are pushing in a training session, racing. To help with you overcome any problems we have produced this guide.

Before you get started – Please ensure you are using compatible training equipment by looking at this page and check our system requirements by checking this page.


Let’s start with your internet – just because your internet is working okay, doesn’t mean your connection is stable or suitable for gaming and that’s what RGT needs.

Unlike some of our competitors RGT Cycling is focused on realism and because of this we have made the decision to calculate the rider position, draft and braking on our servers. 

This ensures the best and fairest experience in racing and all riders see the same thing, at the same time. This requires a good internet connection. 

The quality of your connection may be constantly changing, it can be affected by what’s going on around your training space or by your Internet Service Provider or (ISP).

Your connection speed may be reduced at busy times of the day and other factors can make a big difference in your internet performance. Unlike video streaming that can absorb these quality problems without you noticing, RGT cannot. 

The best way to understand the quality of your internet is to test it. You can run a basic speed test, but that does not tell you much and is only valid for the few seconds of the test. 

Ideally you want to get a longer view of your performance, there are free programs and websites that can do this for you. This will give you the data to go back to your ISP and ask them to improve your connection.

This website will provide you with a better understanding of you connection stability;

We would also recommend you check your ping times to various servers using this website.

To give you some basic guidelines our minimum recommended speed is 10Mbps, download, 2Mbps upload and less than 100ms ping which is sometimes called latency. Your setup may work on lower settings but there may be times when other factors can drop your connection low enough to cause you issues.

We recommend 20Mbps download, 2Mbps upload and less than 60ms ping (or latency) this allows some headroom if there are other people using the same connection.















Once you have checked your data if you find issues with it you can either go back to your ISP and ask for them to look at your connection or upgrade to either another package or another provider. 

The best connection is usually fibre all the way to your property, beware many providers offer fibre services but do not mention the fibre ends at the connection box in your road or area and from that point to your house is the old fashioned copper lines which significantly slows your internet down.


Once you are happy your internet is as good as it can be to your home, you can then think about how you connect your devices to it inside the house.


Fans, microwaves, fridges and anything that generates an electrical signal (they could even be your neighbours devices), can cause you problems. Structural issues such as walls, ceilings, doors and finally the distance between the devices can all impact stability..

Ideally you need to keep the distance between devices as small as possible, with as few structural impediments as you can.

With ANT+ and Bluetooth ensure there are no electrical devices between your hardware and your receiver i.e. if there is a fan between your trainer and your dongle that could cause interference.

If you do experience issues:

  • Try your equipment in the same room as the WIFI Router and if you see improvements, install either WIFI extenders, or a WIFI mesh system to give you the internet you need


The most stable way to overcome WIFI issues is to remove it as far as possible. For some, installing an ethernet cable to a wireless access point in your train cave is the only way to get around it. These solutions should increase the strength and reliability of your signal and reduce any dropouts.


WIFI and ANT+/Bluetooth all use the same frequency (2.4Ghz), they can work well if you have a good solid reliable signal with no interference but the reality is some of us will experience issues that can affect our signal. 


When you first set up your router you normally just let it do its thing and start using it, routers will often set devices up on standard channels that may turn out to be quite busy. You can get free apps for your phone that will analyse your WIFI and let you know if you need to change the channels on your devices or use a different frequency.

Some routers are dual frequency ie 2.4 or 5Ghz. Try to stay away from channels 9-12 as ANT+ signals are broadcast in the region of channel 10 (2.457Mhz) so avoiding this range will ensure you have less interference issues. 

If you can, hardwire your Screen App to your router. This will give you the most reliable and fastest connection available. Buying an ethernet cable is pretty cheap even really long ones, if say for example your bike set up is in a garage or spare room, buying a 30m cable and laying it from your router to your bike set ups hardware will provide you with a much more reliable and faster connection.


There can be many devices using your internet at the time you want to ride, for example in my house my wife is watching Netflix whilst looking at her phone, my son is playing games on his computer whilst watching YouTube clips on his Xbox and somehow watching something else on his phone, google is probably playing music in another room and then there is me; riding and streaming my races.

To ensure all devices are working properly without issues requires a high end internet package with a good provider and good installation.


If you are using ANT+ with RGT you will be connecting your training equipment using your Laptop, PC or Mac, please make sure you:

  • Make sure there is no other program using your ANT+ dongle or it will not connect so check Garmin express or other platforms are not still connected
  • Make sure your equipment has not connected to a bike computer or another receiving device
  • Make sure the dongle is plugged in
  • Use a USB 2.0 port or higher
  • Switch off any power saving options off
  • If you connect your laptop using an ethernet cable make sure you turn WiFi, otherwise it may still connect via wifi.
  • Place your ANT+ dongle within a meter of your trainer
  • Use a suitable USB extension cable if required to ensure the dongle is as close as possible
  • Use an “active” USB extension lead if you need one longer than 3m. 
  • Keep any dongles away from split drink or sweat
  • Check your devices Batteries i.e. your Heart strap, cadence sensor or even power meter may have low battery power which will weaken its signal.
  • Ensure that the RGT Mobile Companion App has Location permissions enabled


If you’re using Bluetooth and your devices are not connecting try the following:

  • Make sure your equipment has not connected to a bike computer or another receiving device
  • Check power saving options with your manufacturer*
  • Power cycle (turn on and off) your Mobile App device and try and re-pair
  • Power cycle (turn on and off) your training equipment and try and re-pair
  • Disconnect any other device you might have that might be using your Bluetooth devices such as speakers, mice, keyboards, headphones etc
  • Stop all apps on your Mobile device that might be using Bluetooth
  • Replace any batteries you are not sure are fully up to strength
  • Ensure that the RGT Mobile Companion App has Location permissions enabled

One of the most common and amusing reasons we get support tickets for Bluetooth problems is when a user decides to turn their headphone off midrace and do this by turning off Bluetooth. I am afraid we cannot help with this one!

** Huawei and some other phones require the following steps:

Settings>Battery> App Launch> RGT Cycling> Manage Manually> Ensure all sliders are on.


Easier said than done right? If you are in a race you’re likely to panic, so first off, if you have the ability to swap between Bluetooth and Ant+ this will often resolve the issue almost immediately.

If not then you have 30 minutes to resolve the issue before we automatically save your ride – as long as you do not click on the end ride button.


  • Force close the Mobile App and restart it (don’t worry, we save your position)
  • Force close the Screen App and restart it (don’t worry, we save your position)

If the problem persists after restarting then please go through the bullets above.

We’re now at the point where we are confident in our connectivity, there is always a reason why you had a dropout, this is about understanding what you can do to minimise the chance it happening again.



If you have any tips or tricks that may help a fellow athlete, please add them in the comments below.

65 thoughts on “CONNECTIVITY PAINS?

  1. Campbell says:

    Hi there,
    Just new to RGT. Able to connect my HR monitor but my iPhone with dongle and ant+ not picking up my SRM. Tried 2 different dongles, 2 different ant+, only picks up my cyclops trainer (which I see under power, but do not choose). Any suggestions? Thx

  2. Andy says:

    Just to hard, got smart trainer 3 weeks ago and been trying the different apps and no issues until RGT. Was warned to avoid it and understand why, the instructions to fix issues is just like rearranging the chairs on the Titanic. Stick with Zwift, so much easier.
    R&D dept within RGT cycling need management to put a rocket up them as totally unacceptable compared to what is on offer from other cycling apps.

    • adminjames says:

      Thanks for the message.
      We appreciate the feedback but just don’t agree with you. App Store reviews are higher than most and equal to the rest.
      Publishing in the interest of transparency though. We’re good like that.

    • Gary says:

      Tell me on Zwift where it tells you to go into world before you can race, I have to totally disagree with your opinion of RGT. To me RGT is where it’s at if you want simplicity a cool FB community and so far no noticeable weight doping. I was having a little trouble syncing to Strava but was resolved quickly through support. Good luck in Watopia!
      G Little

  3. Martin says:

    Hi. I really want to use RGT but I seem to be jumping many hurdles to get it to work! Right now I have it on a mac m1 and iPhone 12 but once I have it all set up and going about 2-10mins later the wifi completely drops out. This has never happened before on any other program setup. I then have to reset the wifi. Any clues what this might be? Help please!

  4. Paul Wielgosz says:


    I am trying to connect an Arduino FTMS system via iOS. I am just wondering how well this app is adhering to the FTMS specification, I have been able to use the power in the power setting. The specification also allows for Instantaneous Cadence (cannot get it to show), Average Cadence (cannot get it so show), Power (works), Average Power (no where to put it), tried Resistance (not sure where this would be).

    I have flagged the FTMS Features for receiving Resistance commands (and provided the range and increment) – no commands appear.
    I have NOT flagged it for receiving Power commands (or provided a power range and increment) – yet these commands are appearing?
    If I were to add inclination to the FTMS Machine Features – should this not receive commands based on the grade?

    Should the cadence be appearing as provided via the FTMS? Since it is provided in the FTMS settings – should this not show in the cadence connect tab (like an ANT+ machine with cadence)?

    Really struggling with the usage on this – Has anybody else linked to an FTMS machine and seen any usage of Cadence, Resistance, Inclination?


  5. JohnM says:

    Having trouble getting going with RGT, iPhone app works ok and connects to wahoo kicker and HRM, but display app just crashes every time on iPad when loading route. Any help appreciated.

    • adminjames says:

      Hi John
      Thanks for the message – This could be a few things
      Do you have another device you can try for the screen?
      I suspect the iPad is cracking when the memory surges on starting a road.

        • Phil Griffiths says:

          I have the same problem. RGT Screen is installed on an older Ipad Air MD788B/A 16Gb.
          It just crashes every time when loading the road. I had to switch to my mac which works a treat.

          Also just tried on an older Ipad Mini 2 ME277B/A . That also crashes

          But these aren’t listed in the supported hardware and are also running 12.5.1 so I guess these will never be supported?

  6. BikingYom says:

    Hi, I’m trying to get RGT working. Screen app and iPhone app work fine, XPEDO APX COMP paired but power sticks to 0… any idea?

  7. Jamie says:

    Installed the mobile app and the screen app on an ipad, both seem connected, however the screen app is just not moving, no data is comming in. I see my sensors on my mobile app, but the biker on the screen app doesn’t bike at all. There are more bikers static waiting around me, is that a server problem?

    • adminjames says:

      Hi Jamie
      I hope you are okay! Thanks for the message.
      Have you watched our getting started videos on the Getting Started page? Here.
      That should answer all your questions.

  8. Phil says:

    Unable to connect my Garmin heart rate monitor, I use a Garmin Edge 820 cycle computer with the heart rate monitor that comes with it. The Edge 820 connects to my heart rate monitor but RGT android app doesn’t. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, even a list of support heart rate monitors.

  9. Smith says:

    I am using Android for mobile app and iPad for screen.

    I can start the ride and everything from mobile to ipad screen app.

    I connected “Wahoo Blue SC Speed and Cadence Sensor, Bluetooth / ANT+” to my bike and mobile app is receiving data correctly. However my char doesn’t move in the iPad screen when I start the ride (I am paddling my bike). In iPad screen app cadence is displaying 0. No issue with internet on my cell phone or ipad.

  10. neal says:

    Was excited to try RGT but screen ap just hangs on “checking server status”. Had no issues running any other cycling apps thus far, so if you have any suggestions as to how to troubleshoot this it’d be appreciate.

  11. Marcelo Carvalho says:

    Getting power drops while riding, like, the app shows the power goign, but the cyclist on the screen (me) stops pedalling. my power goes to zero and after a few seconds it gets better. but it’s a constant, speccially on rides that have hills, the resistance in the smart trainer keeps varying from 11% to 0% in a matter of seconds and i’m still at the same climb a have been for the past few minutes.
    Please Help!

    • Tim Sinclair says:

      Please can you tell us how you connect to the internet for both the Phone and Screen Apps? The screen device should ideally have a wired ethernet connection. The Phone needs a ROBUST (not necessarily fast) WiFi. RGT works in real time and any micro drops can ruin the experience. You need to be quite close to your WiFi router. You can also try connecting the Phone App through your 4G data to see if that improves things for you. RGT doesn’t use a huge amount of data.

  12. James Gibbons says:

    Hi, I have been using RGT for a few weeks but I find the connection between Phone (IPhone 6 running IOS12) and Screen apps (PC running Windows 10) to be variable at best.
    Sometimes the connection stays “up” for 1hr ok (max time I have ridden/ test it for)
    Other times the connection drops for 5-10 seconds and then comes back, and other times the connection drops and stays dropped.
    By dropping I mean the Power/cadence on screen drops to zero and the “bike” eventually comes to a halt, but the screen still updates movement of other riders etc
    The power/cadence on the mobile app is still showing what appears to be correct data from trainer (Kickr)
    If I try to stop the Phone app it doesn’t seem to be able to communicate to screen app and hangs. I often need to restart phone entirely
    So the “issue” here seems to be between phone and PC.
    PC is hardwired to a TPLink Wireless powerline adapter and phone connects to same adapter over Wifi.
    I am occasional user of Zwift but I don’t find similar issues when using Zwift companion app.
    Any suggestions?

    • Tim Sinclair says:

      Please try connecting your phone over 4G instead of WiFi (the devices don’t need to be on the same network). If that resolves it then there is likely to be an issue with your WiFi.

  13. Glenn says:

    My Ipad keeps telling me “Please make sure the screen app is running”. Both apps are running. What can I do to fix this problem.

    • Tim Sinclair says:

      Try logging off and back on again on the screen app (top left – change user) make sure your name is displayed in the screen app. If you are using the iPad for the control app, what are you using for the screen device?

  14. Chris K. says:

    Hey, Gents! A quick request for those of us who are color-blind and want to post on comments on the Blog. Could you change the field label text color to something other than black? Against the background color, I have to highlight the labels to see what gets put in where.

    • Tim Sinclair says:

      From what I understand it is VERY little – I have no figures but it’s not very data Hungry. Do a short (30 minute) ride maybe to test?

  15. Kevin says:

    Hi, first time user – great experience, great interface, realism etc. Had difficulties connecting but power and cadence now seem okay. However, HR monitor on Garmin Forerunner 35 watch continues to fail. I have an Android phone and Apple TV. Simply can’t find the device. Any idea what’s going on?

    • Tim Sinclair says:

      If your Watch is broadcasting HR that will be via Ant+ . You will need a screen device that supports Ant+ to be able to see the watch. Ant+ is not supported via Android or iOS Phone App.

  16. Yeabsera Van den Bulck says:

    Hello. I did today a tour on rgt but still can’t connect with strava. I did everything I had to. And it says I’m connected. But strava does not load my tour.

    • Phil Griffiths says:

      I just had this issue too. Yesterday I did a small test ride (part of Cap Fermentor) and it uploaded ok. Did the full ride today and it didn’t upload to Strava. I emailed it and uploaded the .gpx but this is hassle.

      Anyone any tips?

      • Tim Sinclair says:

        When was your last successful upload to Strava? Have you done any rides since the day you mentioned above and did they upload?

    • Tim Sinclair says:

      For those wishing to use an Apple Watch as a heart rate monitor in RGT, there is a work-around – although you will need to run the RGT phone app on a separate device. The BlueHeart app will convert the signal from your watch to a useable Bluetooth format. When you start the app, you’ll be able to find BlueHeart as an HRM on RGT. Ugly, but effective.

  17. Martin Sweeney says:

    trying to connect an Elite Sterzo smart version using blue tooth on an android samsung phone. I can see it in the menu and tries connecting but always disconnects at the end. My turbo trainer is a tacx vortex and is working fine with bluetooth. Is it because there are 2 devices and only 1 can be connected at a time?

  18. Eddie says:

    I’m having issues with reconnecting my RGT. I used my account on a different screen (same mobile) and now I cannot get my mobile to trigger the screen. After reinstalls of both apps on my Mac mini and iPhone, the screen app is finding the servers and my mobile is seeing the servers but by mobile cannot find my screen. Is there a way to re pair the two apps?

    • Tim Sinclair says:

      Does the Screen App recognize you ans display your name? Try logging off and back on again on the screen that is giving you problems. (Top Right – change user)

  19. Martin says:

    I’m looking for an app for my wahoo kickr. Rgt looks good. The initial setup way easy, but the connectivity is a problém for me. I can connect everything (BT,And+)to my phone (Galaxy S8) in other Apps, but in RTG I can connect only BT device. For ant+ I have to buy a ant+/usb single.
    Is there any posibility to use my phone for ant+ connection?
    Do you plan to add this feature to the appp?