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Since the dawn of the online training age, we have become increasingly obsessed with data and metrics. None more so than our FTP. We wear it like a badge of honor, a badge that sometimes… maybe… possibly… every now and then, we embellish a touch… whoops!

Something to bear in mind is that your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is a moveable feast. We stick a nice tidy number on it but in reality, your FTP changes on a daily basis depending on a number of variables. These include things like how well you slept, accrued fatigue, how warm you are, how well fed you are and even what altitude at which you are training.

boost motivation

Boost your motivation

Ok so the competition is not there as normal, so find other ways to make connections and give your training real purpose. Remind yourself why you cycle in the first place, or focus on the longer term when things will be “back to normal”. See how well you can communicate with team-mates about what they’re […]

Quarantine Training 2

Quarantine Training 2

Quarantine training Part 2 With the current situation regarding Covid-19, better known as Coronavirus, it is smart that we look at how you should adjust your training and stay prepared and healthy. Here are a few of our top tips: Stay healthy This is a funny tip, but cycling and endurance sports in general can […]

Choosing the distance of your triathlon race


 CAN YOU GO THE DISTANCE? An insight into triathlon distance and how you should choose yours It Takes Time. Triathlon is an endurance sport so no matter if you are training for a sprint race or an Ironman (full) distance you need to build a strong endurance foundation. When I trained with some of the […]

triathlon tips and tricks

Tri It On

Triathlon has become a very popular sport over the years and especially for middle-aged men and women who want to face the challenge of completing/competing in these tough events. The biggest challenges for most triathletes are:  Finding the time to fit all the necessary training in – especially when training for the full Ironman distance […]