boost motivation

Boost your motivation

Boost your motivation

It’s not that you’re not motivated but it feels pretty different. Maybe your motivation is not what it was or is not as consistent as before. Whatever it is, we feel that NOW is always a good time to give your motivation a boost!

Here are three top tips on how:

Give your training some meaning

Ok so the competition is not there as normal, so find other ways to make connections and give your training real purpose. Remind yourself why you cycle in the first place, or focus on the longer term when things will be “back to normal”. See how well you can communicate with team-mates about what they’re doing so you feed off one another.

You can’t replace the buzz of the race but there’s a lot you can do to connect with cycling and racing.

Focus on what you can control

Controlling the controllable is about spending time, energy and effort thinking of,  talking about and focusing on the things you can influence. This includes when to train, what you do, who with, who you talk to, what you eat and much more.

Spending your time focused on the things you can’t control will only take your motivation backwards.

Think of all the reasons you have to feel confident

Muster the confidence you need to get going in the morning. You are able to keep training at the levels you want to, provided you have realistic expectations. Think about your track record of training. Browse through great training rides you’ve had in the past and focus on your personal strengths and how you can use them right now.

Use these tips to keep your motivation as high as possible. You don’t need 100% motivation – being the most motivated you’ve ever been – you just need enough. Motivation is not about all or nothing. 

Try the tips above to be as motivated as you possibly can right now.

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