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2020.10.12 RGT UPDATE

We’re here again. 

It seems like every other week we’re releasing new updates. I guess this is by virtue of the platform and how we work. We get it, downloading updates can be painful but it’s definitely worthwhile.

Every release we do adds more to the user experience and more stability.

My pithy version of the release notes is below for you to take in.


Added a wide range of fixes focussed on improving stability for users with less reliable internet connections

This is undersold in this statement. The whole team, including those less technical (like me) got involved testing a wide range of equipment combinations trying to recreate edge cases reported by some users.

This was reasonably productive but the heavy lifting was done by Mike and Matt who painstakingly worked through old code looking for problems. Issues that would be manifested by disconnects on unstable internet connections were found and FIXED. 

Fixed an issue to enable Strava auto image upload to work on Mac OS

See my last update for details on this, but basically Mac OS was not working. It is now

Fixed an issue where some devices would not show the elevation map

A small issue where the gradient map was not showing in the top right hand corner for a small number of devices has been fixed.

Added a feature to show power zone bars (based on user FTP) to the rider list and the rider name tags

A big one for racing. A step in the right direction for providing insight to competitors and spectators on the level of effort athletes are exerting. The colour banding changes based on your FTP (or default values is you try and fudge it). 

I personally love this feature.

Fixed an issue where the App would quit unexpectedly when ending an event on iPad and Apple TV

I have no idea about this one other than it was hard to recreate for us and has been fixed.

Fixed an issue where the end ride summary screen would not show

A real frustration when it did happen as you didn’t get the ride data without viewing ride history. Fixed now.

Added a feature to enable a full route elevation map (activated by pressing Shift F9)

You asked for this. It looks great, I think it can be activated on ATV using the play pause button.

It’s Invaluable for racing.

Tweaked picture in picture for spectate mode

Not sure what the tweak was but I understand it makes the experience better.

Fixed an issue where road nodes would download when already committed to memory

Exclusive to Apple TV, it’s good housekeeping and will result in general stability improvements.


Added a wide range of fixes focussed on improving stability for users with less reliable internet connections

As above! 

As always enjoy!


Seen a feature you like and want to share your thoughts or keen to suggest something new? Let us know in the comments below

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