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2020.10.01 RGT UPDATE


This is the second time I have found myself behind the keyboard this week talking about the platform from a technical perspective. I have to be honest, I find the whole process cathartic.

It’s also a reminder for me on how well the team are doing and how far we have progressed in the last 12 months. I think in someway I am trying to say thank you for this.

More explicitly we would all like to thank you for your input and feedback on the platform. Athletes that care enough to complain when something isn’t working and those that point out our short comings are so valuable to us. 


Anyway, enough of my musings and on with the show!

Please see a more comprehensive overview of the release from 6th October 2020.


Reduced Magic Road terrain details for devices with less than 2.5gb of RAM

When we launched the new Magic Road terrain we optimised this for all compatible Screen Apps. Shortly after the release Apple made the decision to change the way it’s devices handled memory usage. This meant that users on older iPads and ATV Screen Apps were frustrated by random crashes.

Matt and the art team have worked hard (don’t underestimate this) to add stability for these users. 

What does this actually mean?

For the large proportion of athletes, nothing – you will not notice any change.

If you are using a Screen App Device with 2.5GB or less of available RAM your ride experience has been optimised and some of the Magic Road scenery has been removed

Fixed issue where first-person camera would stop following avatars after a short distance

This was a favourite of mine that somehow made it through our last round of testing. Essentially, the first-person camera would wander off down the rabbit hole. This took the rider on an exciting journey off road, around the course. 

This has now been resolved.

Removed lap notification when spectating other riders

This is one for RGT streamers and broadcasters. The lap notification bell,  lap number and details would show up for the ‘camera bike’. This caused confusion for commentators and spectators. Fixed.

Fixed issue with some logs that had been associated with problems

Nothing too exciting here but this contributes to our ability to better resolve issues.

Fixed an issue were loading Magic Road was failing

This was an intermittent issue. It manifested itself by randomly refusing to complete the loading of Magic Roads. It became known internally as the Magic Road loading loop and was more common with users with lower quality internet. Fixed.

Added new feature that automatically sends an in ride screenshot to Strava

This is a great new feature for all of our athletes that are connected to STRAVA. If you’re not connected to STRAVA go and do it now. 

During your ride we capture a screenshot of you and those around you and automatically send this, along with the rest of your ride details to STRAVA. 

This feature is not available on MAC OS right now – Sorry.

Fixed an issue where the first person camera would stutter slightly when cornering using the drone cam camera

Almost self explanatory. The view would stutter around every ten seconds, just a small amount when using the drone cam. Fixed

Added screen app features to support new race formats in the future

Nice and mysterious. This is the first part of a release plan that will add some timely features to the platform. It’s probably possible (through a process of elimination) to work out what these might be.

Fixed an issue where Apple Macs would crash on quit

This does exactly what it says on the tin. It was a minor frustration for a small number of users, but it’s now been fixed.


Fixed and issue where some Cycleops trainers would not adjust slope

For reasons known only to our devs (and perhaps those at SARIS/Cycleops) the slope was not adjusting when using older SARIS/Cycleops trainers. Fixed.

Changed default camera to third-person

When the previously mentioned screen issue with the wandering first-person camera was happening, we checked how often the default first person camera was retained to understand the extent of the issue. 

We found out that athletes prefer to use the third-person camera for all event types so changed this to be the default view.

Fixed an issue where some iPhones would quit unexpectedly

Widely reported but almost impossible for us to isolate and recreate. This took Mike and the Mechanics (nice 1980’s cultural reference there) forever to find and resolve. Fixed.

Fixed an issue where group rides quit unexpectedly

I must have been on annual leave when this was reported, discussed and fixed as I don’t have any more information for you other than it looks like a really good fix!


We have also produced a new blog with some hints and tips to support ANT+, BLE and internet connectivity problems, so please check it out (here).


James Vickers

6 thoughts on “2020.10.01 RGT UPDATE

  1. Jan Binne Hulshoff says:

    I cannot download the update for the screen app from the apple store. It simply says the update is not there. Is this problem known? Hoe can i fox this?

  2. Alsn Montgomery says:

    Any advice? I cannot download a screen app for my Iphone? The ipad one will not download says not compatible? I have the ios but no screen App?



  3. Amir says:

    my Screen App shuts down ApplyTV-Gen4 almost every time at around 45min into an event and I am not able to access the event by rerunning the Screen app. It says road loading and then it crashes again. Reinstalled it in App Store and it didn’t solve the problem.

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